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Dixie Gun Works was started in 1948, and in 1954 was the first company in America to introduce mass production muzzleloading replica firearms.

Now Dixie Gun Works is the first major company in the world devoted exclusively to the antique arms trade  to make its entire collection of high-quality antique firearms, replicas, and supplies available  to the world via the internet.

We welcome you to our site, and invite you browse the  links below to review our catalogs, our replica firearms and accessories, and our collection of available high-quality  antique firearms.

We invite you to review our:


Antique Arms Catalog
(New on 5/27/99)


1999 Dixie Gun Works  Blackpowder Annual



1999 Dixie Gun Works Catalog
for Black Powder Guns, Shooting Supplies, & Antique Gun Parts


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